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Sangar Housing Project Gwadar

Sangar Housing Project Gwadar

Sangar Housing Project Gwadar:

Sangar Housing Project Gwadar- Beautiful location in polluted free area, situated at Koh e Batel in the sea having height of about 266 feet.

There are very few places of land in the world that have such location likewise of Sangar Housing Project. This beautiful project was 1st launched with the idea of then DC Gwadar by Baluchistan Government in 1992 at the area of 1500 acres land. A consultant Group from Karachi was hired for it and development contract was awarded to SECO Company.

Sangar Housing Project Gwadar Phases Category

All area is divided into four phases, Phase one to four. Phase one to three are residential having facility of commercial area, school collage, park, mosque, play ground with all other facilities. There are plots having size of 400, 600 and 1000 sq/yds and also commercial plots of various sizes. In phase-4, there are commercial plots from 100 sq/yd to five acres. From 1992 to 2002 there were nominal charges. All development of all four phases is done till 1997 by SECO company.

Sangar Housing Project Gwadar Location

After construction of Coastal Highway and Gwadar Deep Sea port many investors from all over the world invested in Gwadar as well as in Sangar Housing project, thus in 2005 prices rises 100 times. Thereafter in 2007 due to terrorism activities and bad law and order situation in all over Pakistan all Gwadar properties went cold storage and there was no buyer from 2008 to 2013 end.

Sangar Housing Project Gwadar a Government Project

PMLN took over the Govt. in 2013, they again started work on Gwadar development, It is mentioned here that Makran coastal highway and Gwadar Deep sea port both projects were initiated by the PMLN govt in their previous tenure, Good luck Pervaiz Musharaf started work on ready projects.

Sangar Housing Scheme Gwadar Excellent Video of Consultant Group

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