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Sangar Housing Project

Sangar is simply so beautiful place because of its unique location. Fascinating place like Sangar doesn’t have its alternate in Pakistan.

This project is on a hill known as Koh–e-Batal which attracts the tourists. It’s 7 km (L) x 2.5 km (W) x 280 feet (H). East, West & South sides of Koh-e-Batal have sea and at North is Gwadar town which also have its own cultural beauty. It’s also soothing place due to sea on its three sides which keep this place dust free. Life can be enjoyed here with a different but unforgettable taste.
Balouchistan Government started this project in 1992 and development is given under CG. It has four phases. Phase-I is a big Phase and famous for Pearl Continental. It has 1000 sq/yd, 600 sq/yd and 400-sq/yd Residential plots, Phase-II 600 sq/yd and 1000-sq/yd plots. In Phase-III and III-B 1000 sq/yd plots. In all three Phases there is some provision of commercial plots. Phase –IV is totally commercial located at the west end of the hill. Phase II&V Etension at the upper side of Koh-e-Batil adds to its variety of Residential and Commercial plots.

Lahore Real Estate firmly believe that Sangar Gwadar will prove successful project. That’s why we consider it very attractive investment opportunity. Ultimately Sangar is the project which will be in high demand of the Tourists and Top Elite Class of Pakistan which will diffenitly result in increase in price.

For investment in Gwadar you can contact:
Saleem Bodla
Lahore Real Estate

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