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It’s a Project of Government of Balochistan. Deputy Commissioner Gwadar is its Head.Transfer Letter of Plot is issued by Signature of Deputy Commissioner, Gwadar.

Its almost 14 Km long & 4 Km wide Island that is 100 to 380 feet high from sea at most places providing sea views for miles of miles. It is surrounded by Sea from 3 sides. Sea Port, Gwadar is on its 4th side. Pearl Continental Hotel, Gwadar is also on Sangar Housing. It has magnifesant Sea, Sunset, Sunrise & downtown views.Proposed Site of Prime Minister House at Gwadar is also at Sangar Housing. Transfer of Sangar Housing is possible in Karachi or Gwadar as per convinience of clients. Transfer fees / net transection cost is lowest in this project than perhaps entire Pakistan as no taxes imposed. It is going to be most Modern Society with underground electricity, carpeted roads & security. Roads are currently bieng recarpeted. Park is currently gettting ready for grass and tree plantations. Multiple plots of High Rise commercials & Sea Resorts are there in Sangar Housing.

Sangar Housing, Gwadar Current Most Accurate Prices You Can Trust

NOTE: ( We try our best to give you most accurate rates regardlesss of favoring buyers or sellers. buying selling or hold is your on choice. )

Phase Wise rates of Sangar Gwadar:

Phase I : Residential 
400 Square Yards : 50 Lacs ~ 60 Lacs
600 Square Yards : 60 Lacs ~ 70 Lacs
1000 Square Yards : 90 Lacs ~ 130 Lacs

Phase I : Commercial
222 Square Yards : 110 Lacs ~ 145 Lacs
444 Square Yards : 140 Lacs ~ 200 Lacs
1000 Square Yards : 200 Lacs ~ 260 Lacs

Phase II : Residential
600 Square Yards : 50 Lacs ~ 60 Lacs
1000 Square Yards : 70 Lacs ~ 90 Lacs

Phase II : Commercial
1000 Square Yards : 175 Lacs ~ 750 Lacs

Phase III : Residential
1000 Square Yards : 65 Lacs ~ 85 Lacs

Phase III : Commercial
222 Square Yards : 70 Lacs ~ 90 Lacs
1000 Square Yards : 200 Lacs ~ 260 Lacs

Phase IV : Only Commercial
1000 Square Yards : 200 Lacs
1 Acre : Depending Upon Location
5 Acre : Depending Upon Location

Sangar Housing Scheme Gwadar Video:


CMY +92 322 4929992

Gwadar Office: Gwadar Real Estate® Civic Centre, Airport Road, Gwadar.


Lahore Office:

Lahore Real Estate® Main Boulevard, DHA Phase 6, Lahore.


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